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When Greendot Health Foods Pvt. Ltd. (GHFPL to you and our other friends) decided to shake up the world of snacking in India, we were born as Cornitos. We introduced our signature Nacho Crisps to the nation in 2009, and we’ve been making exciting moves ever since to bridge the gap between health and taste, and expanding into different categories including Nuts & Seeds, Tortilla Wraps, Taco Shells, Dips, and other gourmet delights. Through it all, we’ve never compromised on premium quality, which has made us a favourite both domestically and internationally.

In 2022, we dropped one of our most exciting new products – Crusties! This uniquely zesty zigzag of an extruded snack comes in three main varieties: Bean, Chickpea, and Potato. Crusties puts an all new spin on household favourites with unique zesty flavours, yet thanks to being baked instead of fried, they’re just right for a guilt-free snack any
and every time of the day.

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